MONEY CANNOT BUY EVERYTHING: Ajax coach rejects Newcastle - he stays with Tadic!

Newcastle is currently probably the richest club in the world, but even that doesn’t help them in everything.

The first step that Newcastle has to take is to find a new manager since, after the change of the owner of the structure, Steve Bruce was fired.

It was written that the first pick was Antonio Conte, but as the Italian is now being brought into contact with Manchester United, Newcastle will have to knock on some other door.

The Prince did that, but the door was closed. At least in Ajax. Namely, as the “Daily Mail” writes, Newcastle tried to get in touch with Erik ten Hag, who is currently at the helm of Ajax, but he has no intention of leaving the Dutch scene.

Ajax is thrilling the whole of Europe this season as well, and in addition to captain Dusan Tadic, Ten Hag has a big role in that.

Erik ten Hag thanked for the invitation despite the fact that they prepared a salary of 13 million euros for him, which would make him the third highest-paid coach in the Premier League behind Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola.

– When I extended my contract with Ajax, I said that we have a team that can develop. We want to ‘annoy’ the best teams in Europe. We are on the right path. We need to keep going. Nothing is won in October, November, and December. We must continue at this pace – said an experienced expert.

So, Ajax still has its coxswain, who was once wanted by Barcelona, ​​but obviously, the Dutch club and Ten Hag are a winning combination.

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