The Ukrainian referee, Mykola Ambrosov, experienced an inconvenience at the Eurocup final match between Unix and Monaco in 2021.

According to the mentioned arbitrator Ilias Koromilas (Greek judge) approached him through a third person and offered him 10,000 euros to judge in favor of the Russian team.

According to Ambrosov, one of the actors in this scandal is the famous Ukrainian judge Boris Ryzhik, who was the mediator in the whole story. That should not happen in Eurocup.

“What I am about to say may surprise many, but this is how it happened: three days before the game, the most famous referee in Ukraine, Boris Ryzhik, called me,” Ambrosov begins his presentation.

“He tells me that Unix is playing in the final, which has a Greek coach and a Greek assistant. He was approached by Ilias Koromilas, also Greek, who was a Euroleague referee, and tried to reach an agreement with me through him. If I agreed, then Koromilas would talk directly with me to ‘arrange’ the victory of Kazan“.

Finally, he revealed the epilogue of the whole story that happened in Eurocup.

“I didn’t say anything to Rižik and he told me to think about it in the next 24 hours. In case I change my mind and everything goes according to plan, I would receive 10,000 euros. He even gave me a Viber number to call after the match,” concluded Ambrosov.

In the end, Monaco won with a three-point difference in the aforementioned match, so one can guess what the Ukrainian referee’s decision was.


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