NBA SHAKE SKANDAL: Harrell faces five years in prison!

American basketball player and wing center of the Charlotte Hornets, Montrezl Harrell, is facing a criminal lawsuit for possession and sale of drugs, after the police found vacuum-sealed bags of marijuana in his car.

Harrell was stopped during a routine check on May 12, local media reported, citing court records.

A police officer who stopped Harrell said that he “smelled” drugs and that after the search, he found 1.4 kilograms of marijuana in vacuum-sealed bags in a backpack in the back seat.

Harrell is accused of trafficking 2.3 kilograms of marijuana, and could face up to five years in prison.

A preparatory hearing is scheduled for July 13 in Madison District Court.

Harrell, a former star of the University of Louisville, played seven seasons in the NBA, and before joining the Charlotte Hornets in February, he played for the Los Angeles Clippers.

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