YOU HAVE NOT HEARD THIS YET: Fake Klay Thompson entered the the floor and shot, so he was banned from entering the Case Centar! (VIDEO)

In the last few days, we’ve seen a lot of stories, mostly fans in the lead roles, but this time it’s Klay Thompson.

Fake Klay Thompson. Sure, you’ve never heard of the name Dawson Gurley, but his story will drive you crazy. Namely, before the fifth match of the final series, he was allegedly banned from entering the Golden State Warriors Hall, the popular “Chase Center”, for life.

The fake Thompson revealed that he was forbidden to enter the Warriors’ home, after he passed five layers of security and shot for 10 minutes on the field before they “broke in”.

Gurley posted an official ban on his Twitter profile, signed by Chase Center Vice President Brian J. Herbert. The letter states that he deliberately deceived the staff, that he entered the hall illegally, and that he was banned from entering due to a “criminal” act.

To make matters even more interesting, he persistently repeats that he did not enter without permission, because “security let him in”.

Thanks to his appearance, he gained great popularity on social networks, made various pranks, took photos with fans, played basketball with fans, pretending to be Thompson, but now he has surpassed himself.

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