Kyrie Irving suspended by the Brooklyn Nets

The star of Brooklyn, Kyrie Irving, was suspended by the club for promoting a film with an anti-Semitic character.

The commissioner of the NBA League, Adam Silver, expressed great disappointment with Irving’s attitude, and in the meantime, the club also announced a statement stating that the basketball player was suspended for at least 5 games for promoting a film with controversial content.

“Over the past few days, we have tried to work with Irving to understand the impact of his words, which began after he publicly promoted a film that contained anti-Semitic views. We believe that education is the right way in this challenging situation and we thought we made progress by working together to erase hatred and intolerance.’

“Such a rejection is against the values ​​of our team, it is very disturbing and collapses the team itself. Because of this, we don’t think he should be connected to the Brooklyn Nets right now. We have decided that he will have to serve his suspension without pay until he agrees to the measures that will be taken for his misconduct. He has been suspended for no less than five games,’ the Brooklyn Nets said in a statement.

Kyrie Irving, after the club announced that he was suspended, published a post on Instagram apologizing for his behavior.

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