JOKIC AFTER THE VICTORY: Tough match, I'm satisfied

Nikola Jokic, center of Denver, after the victory over Miami, pointed out that it was a difficult game, but that he is satisfied.

“Difficult game like every one so far, but I still think we controlled it for the most part, except for the situations when they had spurts in the series. Fortunately, we managed to control it, and the way we played was good, I’m satisfied”, said Jokic and added:

“We have one more game to win. We were in the situation they are in now, so we know what their mentality is, we know how they feel, and we will not relax”.

Jokic praised his teammates.

“Gordon has a kind of role, he sacrifices himself because he is a good teammate and that’s why he won this game. He was our best basketball player on the court today, maybe he doesn’t get the attention he deserves, but we in the team know how much he means to us. Brown had an incredible evening, he was aggressive, especially in the last section. He learns and accepts quickly and that is one of the best things about him,” said Jokic.

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