BUTLER DOESN'T GIVE UP: We have to win 1 more game…

The best basketball player of the Miami Heat in this final series, Jimmy Butler, before Colorado’s fifth game against Denver, points out that his team believes they can win the title, despite the big deficit.

Butler was in the best mood in Erik Spoelstra’s team in the previous two matches, but even though he finished the matches with 25 and 28 points, his performance did not help Miami save the home field.

Denver currently leads the final series with a score of 3:1 and tomorrow morning has a chance to win the NBA ring.

The Miami guard believes that his team is not going to Colorado with a white flag and that he expects to extend the final series with a win.

“We didn’t come this far to stop playing now. Regardless of the odds, analysis. When we go out on the floor, we have to fight. We have to win one game, and then another, and then another,” Butler said.

The only team that managed to reverse the result in the finals after 3:1 was the Cleveland Cavaliers, who in 2016 against Golden State managed to achieve three consecutive victories and an NBA ring.

We will see if Miami has the strength to repeat this scenario, and the fifth game in Colorado is scheduled for tomorrow, which will be played from 2:30 CET.

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