Nadal confirmed that there is a possibility for retirement, and then he attacked Novak!

Rafael Nadal, after winning Roland Garros for the 14th time, reached his 22nd Grand Slam title of his career.

  • “I have always considered myself a normal character, so if I succeeded, I believe that someone else can. It is clear that the record of 22 Slam is something that can be surpassed by someone. I’m sure that will happen. On the other hand, 14 titles at Roland Garros… That’s very difficult. ” – says Nadal.

However, the number of Grand Slams is not a priority.

  • “It is not something I am obsessed with and it is not something that can change my way of thinking. Honestly, I don’t care if Novak wins 23 and I stay on 22 titles. It will not affect my happiness at all, not a single percent. “

Lately, it is often mentioned that he will retire, and he said:

  • “It never occurred to me to retire after this tournament, but, of course, there is that possibility if the situation (with the foot) does not improve. We don’t know what can happen – “- concluded the Spaniard.

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