NADAL SHOCKED BY THE ANSWER: You better not know how many injections I received!

After winning the record 14th title at Roland Garros, Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal said that before the finals with Casper Rudd, he had to receive an injection for pain in his left foot and that he played the entire tournament under injections.

After the new triumph in Paris, which reached the 22nd Grand Slam title, Nadal revealed that he did not have foot pain during the tournament because he was constantly receiving injections.

  • I played without any feeling in my foot. My foot was completely numb, that’s the only way I could perform – said Rafa.

Eurosport journalists then asked him, “How many injections did you receive during the tournament?”, To which he replied:

  • You better not know.

Nadal then explained to the French media that after the injury in the second round of Roland Garros in the match with Correntan Mute, he could hardly walk, but that he managed to continue playing because he has his doctor who is with him non-stop.

The Spaniard added that playing with a numb leg helped this time, but that it was not a long-term solution and that he could not continue like that. It is unclear whether this is an announcement of the end of the “Bull from Mallorca” career or he will try to find a new treatment that will solve the problems he is facing.

With the new title in Paris, Nadal separated from the first followers on the “eternal list” of winners of the Grand Slam tournament, he has two more than Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer, which gave him an advantage in the fight for the title of the best tennis player of all time.

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