Nadal doped at Roland Garros?

Guillaume Martin, a cyclist from France, believes that Rafael Nadal is doping.
It is already known that Rafael received injections during Roland Garros, which, according to Martin, indicate doping, because otherwise he would not be able to play.

  • “What Nadal did is impossible for cyclists and that is normal for me. If we are injured or sick, we can’t run, we can’t compete, and that sounds like a normal thing to me for several reasons. First, because of the athlete’s health. In the long run, I don’t know how good it is for Nadal’s wrist, and also, drugs – especially injections – have no healing effect and can certainly affect performance, or even improve someone’s performance. That’s why it seems to me that this was on the border. ” Guillaume began.

There has been a “needle-free” rule in cycling since 2011.

  1. “If the cyclist had done the same, even if it was not forbidden, everyone would have started accusing him of doping.” There is such a cultural background because of the various clichés about cycling. ”

Apart from Nadal, he also touched on Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

  • “People admire Nadal because he endured severe pain. I believe that Zlatan Ibrahimovic also talked about the injections he received in the knee. That is why they are called heroes because they suffer great pain, but they actually use substances to endure pain and, I repeat, they reach the very limits. The winner of cycling, on the Tour, even if he does nothing – will be accused of doping. “

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