Nadal: Novak, Roger and I have a great story together

After the victory, Rafael Nadal points out that it was, as expected, a big match, like every he and Novak Djokovic have played so far.

  • “We have played the most important matches in the most important tournaments for many years and that is always special for me. This was just a quarterfinal match, not a final, so there is a difference. But it was still a classic in style. Novak, Roger and I have a great story together, which includes encounters in crucial moments over the years. That makes things special and emotional. ” – said Nadal and continued:

After a great fight, Rafa was better than Djokovic, with a result of 3:1.

  • “There is always a discussion about the greatest player of all time, with the most Grand Slam titles won, but from my perspective, it is not so important. We made our dreams come true. We’ve written pages of history in this sport because we’ve done things that haven’t happened before. So for me, it is not the most important who will finish with more titles or who will be the GOAT, because, from my perspective, we are equal. There is no big difference, so it doesn’t matter. ”- concluded Rafael Nadal.

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