Legendary French coach Patrick Mouratoglou believes that Novak Djokovic is the biggest favorite for the Australian Open, but that he has a very difficult job ahead of him.

“It will be difficult for Novak in Australia, that’s for sure. I think he carries a big, emotional baggage with him. He’s been through a lot, emotionally. No one is immune to it, so it will be difficult. I hope that under this burden it will not fall like it did in New York in 2021. That was too much for him,” Mouratoglou said.

The mitigating circumstance is that Djokovic is already in Australia.

“He had a break, there is no stress from the competition. I think he will be emotionally rested, which is good. And he won’t start straight away at the Australian Open, because he’s playing in Adelaide, which is good. There he has time to get used to the atmosphere.”

Serena Williams’ former coach hopes that Nole will have a nice welcome.

“I hope he will have a warm welcome because in my opinion, everything that was said about him there was undeserved.” I wish they had more respect for the champions. When you come to the stadium and see Novak Djokovic play, the least you can do is respect those great champions, whether you like them or not, agree with them or not. I think that is the minimum,” Mouratoglou concluded.


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