Medvedev with sadness about the current situation in tennis

The best tennis player in the world, Russian Daniil Medvedev, points out that he would like to continue playing and promote sports, but at the moment he thinks that is not possible.

  • It is always difficult to talk about this topic because I want to play tennis, I want to play in different countries. I want to promote my sport, I want to certainly promote what I do in my country, and now the situation is such that I can only play like this. “- Medvedev began.
  • Tennis is probably one of the most individual sports in the world. They all live in different places. There is a possibility, but I hope it will not happen. “

Belarusian Aryna Sabalenka is the No 1 seed at the tournament in Indian Wells, and she pointed out that she feels uncomfortable with her Ukrainian colleagues.

  • “I am really sorry and saddened by the Ukrainians who lost their homes in the war. But, unfortunately, it is not under my control. I hope for peace. I understand why we don’t play under our flags, but at least we can play. We all feel bad and sad about this situation, “Sabalenka said.

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