Djokovic revealed what hurt him the most in Melbourne

World number one Novak Djokovic told the BBC about the events that followed him in Australia when he was deported because his visa was declared invalid. Nole pointed out what hit him the most as a man at the time.
-” Colleagues. It hurt me a lot, I felt that energy, the views of my colleagues, the people who are in the building. I understood that they have a perception based on what they learn from the media, and I did not go public because I said earlier that I respect the legal procedure and the Australian Open. ” – Novak began and continued:

  • “I do not want to sit here and complain about the conditions in that center because I stayed for seven days. I felt helpless, I couldn’t use the phone for three or four hours. It was in the middle of the night from one in the morning to nine in the morning, I didn’t sleep because I was questioned every 30 minutes. There were many, many interviews that started and then paused so that a person could talk to a superior. “- Djokovic added.

“It lasted all night.” First, it was set, then withdrawn, then the visa was withdrawn again, so I was free for four days and I trained. These were not the normal training days I usually had before the Grand Slam, the helicopter flew over Rod Laver Arena during each training session. Cameras are everywhere. ”- concluded Novak Djokovic.

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