After winning the tournament in Tel Aviv last week, Novak Djokovic is currently in Astana where he continues to win.

Before the start of the match, unusual news arrived in the “white sport”, namely, an insect was named after Djokovic.

-” Novak Djokovic – for more than 15 years, this man has been making the whole nation happy, making us proud, and during that time he has become like a family member to everyone. He is not only the top ambassador of Serbia in the world, but the best tennis player of all time and one of the most dominant athletes ever,” said Dr. Vesovic in a post on Instagram.

-” I have the honor and pleasure to announce the discovery of a new species of insect from western Serbia that was previously unknown to science. It is a specialized, blind, subterranean beetle (Coleoptera) from the family of beetles (Carabidae) found in a pit near Ljubovia. A scientific paper on the description of the new species was recently published in the prominent journal “Annales Zoologici Fennici”. As a sign of gratitude and feeling the need to repay Novak in our own way, we decided to name the new species after him – Duvalius djokovici. Thank you Novak!.”


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