ADRIANO PANATTA: "Novak should either get vaccinated or stay at home"

Another former Italian tennis player, Adriano Panatta, believes that Novak Djokovic should not play in Rome until he is vaccinated.

– “My personal opinion about Novak Djokovic does not change and I repeat it now: for me, he will either be vaccinated or it would be better for him to stay at home. Obviously, it’s not up to me. But the rules of the tournament must be in accordance with Italian laws and regulations. If the law allows it, then he can play. ” Panatta began and continued:

The Italian talked about the law.

– “I believe that the law must be the same for everyone. Allowing him to participate, on the contrary, causes growing confusion by giving the wrong message. I find his presence unacceptable. “

And then he commented on the Australian Open, happy because Djokovic did not play.

“It was a great tournament without him.” The same goes for ATP Rome, which would have achieved great success even in his absence. So I don’t think it’s essential that we talk about it. “

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