Djokovic: I gave an interview to "L'equip" with a positive test on COVID 19, I wore a mask all the time and kept my distance, it was a mistake

Novak Djokovic spoke out and admitted in a press release that he gave an interview for the French “L’equipe” on December 18 with a positive test for coronavirus.
It all happened two days after he was found to be infected.

“I attended a basketball game in Belgrade on December 14, after which it was announced that a number of people were positive for covid 19. Although I had no symptoms, on December 16 I did a quick antigen test which showed that I was negative. On the same day, I did an official, recognized PCR test.

The next day I attended a tennis event in Belgrade to present awards to the children. Before going to the event, I did a new quick test. It was negative. I felt good, and I was informed about the positive result of the PCR test only after that event “, stated Djokovic.

“The next day, December 18, I was at my tennis center in Belgrade to fulfill my obligations to L’Equipe. I gave an interview and took a photo. I canceled all other obligations except that interview. I felt obliged to do it, I didn’t want to let the journalist down.

However, I made sure to keep the proper distance and wore a mask all the time, except when I was photographed. Immediately after that, I went home to isolate myself for the necessary period. When I think about it now, it was a mistake that I accepted the interview, I should have postponed that obligation “, states Djokovic.

He admitted that a mistake was made in the travel declaration.

The document does not state that he was in Spain before coming to Australia, and that mistake is being investigated by the Australian authorities.

“As for the details of the travel declaration, it was filled out by my team, on my behalf, as I have already told immigration officials upon arrival in Australia. My agent sincerely apologizes for the administrative error, he marked the wrong item about my travels before coming to Australia.

It was a human error and certainly not intentional. We live in challenging times, in a global pandemic and sometimes mistakes can happen. Today, my team provided additional information to the Government of Australia in order to clarify and resolve this issue. “

Djokovic concluded that with this public appearance, he only wanted to clarify what was really happening, saying that he would no longer advertise out of respect for the Australian authorities and the process that is still ongoing.

“It is always an honor and a privilege to play in the Australian Open. This is a tournament loved by players and fans, not only in Victoria and Australia but around the world. I just want to have the opportunity to fight with the best tennis players in the world and play in front of one of the best audiences in the world “, concluded Djokovic.

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