DJOKOVIC DELIGHTED AGAIN: He discovered how he raises children and what he does not ask of them! (VIDEO) 

Serbian tennis player, Novak Djokovic, has a little more free time these days than usual, but it will be like that only until Monday, because we are expecting a tournament in Dubai.

Novak was supposed to open the season in Australia, but we all know very well what happened. Until the tournament, Novak spent his free time at the Dubai Expo, where children Stefan (7) and Tara (4) attracted a lot of attention.

Novak posed with photojournalists with them, and in the United Arab Emirates, he also talked about the way he raises his son.

– Children are the most important, they are our future and they need support in order to develop properly. Maybe someone thinks I would force my son to play tennis, but I would never do that. If he has a desire to play tennis, it should come naturally. It’s happening right now, playing every day with my friend’s son. As many as 99.9 percent of children who pick up a racket do so because they love sports, not because they want to make money – said Djokovic.

He emphasized that money is not a crucial thing and that it does not determine who is the champion and who is not.

– There is a false perception in the present about who is the real champion. We usually associate that word with a person who has a trophy. However, someone who has found his purpose, a sense of identity who feels fulfilled and happy is also a champion in his own way. Today, society creates too much pressure on an individual – says Novak and adds:

– If you have not earned a certain amount of money or if you are not among the 10 or 20 best in your field, then they say that you are not successful and that is a big problem with the team because of the way it treats people – Djokovic concluded.

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