Alcaraz: I am fourth in the world, therefore one of the favorites… it is difficult for me to cope with the pressure

The young Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz does not hide how difficult it is for him to cope with the pressure when he plays the biggest matches.

Carlos will now play in Cincinnati, where he will try to play good games and make up for his failure in Canada, but he is aware of how difficult the road is ahead of him.

-” Now every match is a challenge for me, above all in terms of maintaining a high level of play. I’m fourth in the world, therefore one of the favorites to win the tournament, so it’s a bit difficult for me to deal with that pressure. I’m trying to show my best game, to progress and try to reach the level of the clay tournament in Miami this spring,” Alcaraz began and added:

-” I accepted everything that happened in Montreal. This means that I now know that I have to use that pressure to my advantage. On the other hand, my opponents also now know that they have to play the best tennis against me.” – concluded Carlos.

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