Because of the Tuchel incident, the disciplinary authorities in the FA of England came under fire

The German Tomas Tuchel, the coach of Chelsea, could be targeted by the disciplinary authorities in the FA of England and the Premier League for commenting on the trial of Antonio Taylor.

Let’s remember that in the aforementioned match, the German strategist and his colleague Antonio Conte were sent off, due to the conflict at the end of the match at Stamford Bridge.

Tuchel said of Taylor that “he should no longer referee Chelsea matches”.

“Maybe it would be better that way, really. We have VAR to help make the right decisions. Since when can players pull their hair, since when is that valid? If he doesn’t see it, I don’t blame him, neither do I. But the people in the VAR room can check, and then everything can be seen. How is it not a foul, how is it not a red card? How? This has nothing to do with the judge either. If he can’t see, that’s why there are people who can check whether he made a mistake or not,” said Tuchel.

He noted that he is sure that all Chelsea players share his opinion.

“I assure you that everyone in the dressing room thinks the same. I don’t understand how the first goal wasn’t offside and I don’t understand how when he pulls his hair, the player can stay on the field. You pull someone by the hair, stay in the game and attack the last corner. There is no explanation for such a thing and I do not accept it. Both goals had to be disallowed because we were excellent and deserved to win. That is my view,” he said.

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