The Rest retain Royal Malta Golf Club title

The Rest kept the title of the annual end-of-season clash organized by the Royal Malta Golf Club after finishing in a 12-12 draw against Team Malta.

In the event that took place at the Royal Malta Golf Club in Marsa, the Maltese players played against the foreigners who are based in Malta.

These were some busy three days for the Maltese golfers who had good performances although their opponents replied and always tied the score.

On the first day of play after six games the score was 3-3. On the other hand, the second day was reserved to the teams’ event with the Maltese who won 4-2 to take the lead.

Despite everything on the last day reserved to the individual competition, The Rest overcame the Maltese opposition by two points so that the final score was 12-12. This score was identical to last year’s where even though this match ended in a draw, the rule says that the last winner (2022 edition) keeps the sword since the Maltese did not win.

Meanwhile three players Alex Hilblom, Ruud Critien and Jay Jay Micallef won all the matches they participated in.

This tournament has been held since the seventies when the British were still occupying our country.

At the end of the activity, Jay Jay Micallef, captain of Team Malta presented the sword to the captain of The Rest Ingo Sausmekat.

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