Malta Based Kamil Manowiecki triumphs in windsurfing Foiling 100 Event

The adverse weather conditions wreaked havoc on the meticulously planned Foiling 100 challenge, a windsurfing race from Malta to Ragusa.

The event, hosted by Malta Young Sailors Club, the longest offshore wind foiling race in the Mediterranean experienced unstable weather conditions in the week building up to the race and on race day presented significant setbacks to the organisers.

With the original plan to race to Ragusa falling through on Saturday, the possibility of racing from Ragusa to Malta, on Sunday, was also considered. Unfortunately, the capricious nature of the elements – due to thunder cell activity, thwarted those plans as well, leaving the organizing committee with the sole option for safety purposes, of covering the 100 km course around the Maltese islands.

Race Officer Andrew Wilson explained that the decision to eventually shorten the course, was solely based on the safety of the competitors and the backup teams following them on the water.  The race was stopped at 1220hrs due to a large weather front which hit the Maltese islands.

The Fleet was divided into two categories, the IQFoil Olympic Class and an overall category Open Windfoil.  Overall winner was Malta based Kamil Manowiecki followed by Maltese veteran windsurfer Jean Paul Fleri Soler and German professional windsurfer Nico Prien. In the IQFoil, the first two placings were the same, however third place was taken by Malta’s Shaun Miggiani.

“Foiling 100 was the Club’s intention to host a 100km race but the weather decided against it.  Although the change of our original plans is unfortunate, it is clear from the feedback received that there is still some unfinished business for our sailors.  All, including our international friends look forward to the opportunity to race the original course in the future. The lessons we’ve learned over the weekend will be put to good use.” remarked Christian Bajada, Commodore, Malta Young Sailors Club.

Commodore Bajada concluded by thanking all the volunteers, officials and sponsors who contributed their time, expertise, and financial support towards Foiling 100.

Foiling 100 was sponsored by Yachting Malta Ltd and supported by Visit Malta, Casamigos and Enemed.

Further support is being provided by DK Nautical, Gillieru Harbour Hotel, Malta Sailing Federation, Malta Yacht Charters, Mission Critical Solutions, Porto Turistico Marina di Ragusa S&D Yachts, Tenuta Bastonaca, Red Cross (Malta) and Severne.

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