What does a ring on a leg mean to Haaland?

At only 22 years old, Erling Haaland is one of the best soccer players today, and his commitment to training is worthy of respect.

From match to match, he sets new standards and details that are almost impossible to get come to the public.

The Norwegian takes good care of his body and has been known for a long time to have a specific system and daily plan that includes a special diet. Now it has been revealed that the Norwegian is obsessed with the quality of his sleep. Haaland believes that sleep is more important than anything in life and is convinced that a good rest improves his performance on the field.

The Manchester City striker always goes to bed between 22:00 and 22:30, except when he plays Champions League matches. He turns off all electronic devices long before going to bed and is inaccessible to anyone while he is asleep. During the night, he wears a special device on his finger that measures his sleep quality, temperature change, stress and heart rate. The price of this ring-like device is $400.

Sports science expert Callum Walsh commented on Haaland’s obsessiveness.

“He is an extreme version of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Let’s say that the level of Cristiano Ronaldo is in all aspects”.

Also, hours before going out, Haaland wears specially designed glasses that block the high energy emitted by natural lights and digital screens.

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