Wales for the last time at the World Cup!

An interesting story comes from the British island, and it is related to the country that will play the upcoming World Cup in Qatar – Wales.

As things currently stand, the World Cup in Qatar will be the last in which Wales will compete under that name. What is it really about? Namely, the Football Association of this country sent a request to UEFA and FIFA to change the name and it seems that it will bear fruit. The Welsh want to perform under the name “Cymru”, which is the name of the country in the vernacular Welsh language. The previous one is taken from English origin…

“The team should always be called Cymru, that’s why we’re doing this now. On the home field, everyone already calls the team that way. That’s the name of our national team because if you look at our official website, you’ll always hear Cymru,” said the head of the Football Association, Noel Mooney.

They confirmed that they will travel to Qatar under their current name, but they believe that they will use their original name – Cymru- starting next year.

The selection led by Gareth Bale will play in a group with England, USA and Iran.

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