Conte continued the conflict with Tuchel: I'm lucky I didn't see you

The conflict between Antonio Conte and Tomas Tuchel continued even after the London derby. Although the Italian expert wanted to “drop the ball” after the match, he still sent a message to the Chelsea coach after midnight.

Chelsea and Tottenham played a draw 2:2, and after the match, Conte did not want to comment on the conflict with the Chelsea coach.

“It’s better to talk about the match. It was interesting and difficult for both teams, but I know we want to progress and be competitive. Chelsea showed how good he is. We did better than last season. I repeat, I do not want to comment on the situation because it is not the most important thing, it is a problem between me and him. Talk about the match, not about the situation, we are here to talk about football,”Conte said.

However, after the match, the provocation continued on the social network of the Italian, who uploaded a video of the celebration of Chelsea’s second goal, where Tuchel runs along the touchline, with the comment…

“Luckily I didn’t see you… it would have been deserved if I had tripped you,” said the Tottenham coach.

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