Tuchel: Everything that could go wrong, did

Chelsea coach Tomas Tuchel was disappointed with the release of his chosen ones at the start of the match played against Leeds in the third round of the Premier League.

Namely, Leeds football players beat Chelsea 3:0 on their home field.

“Everything that could go wrong, did. It started yesterday, we didn’t have a plane, so we went by bus. The players could fly, but the coaching staff went by bus. Everything continued today, we lost the match in the first 20 minutes, when we were better and had great chances,” said Tuchel.

Although his team suffered a defeat, he still believes that his team is convincingly better.

“I think it’s quite clear that we were the better team. They were doing what they usually do. I don’t see that the stoppage and own goal are the fruits of a particular style. Those are mistakes. If we concede completely unnecessary goals like this, when we totally control the match, then we cannot win. We tried in the second half, but I’m disappointed that we lost that part of the game as well. They made the most of the half chances they had,” Tuchel concluded.

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