SALAH AND STERLING IN THE SAME CLUB? The best attacking trio in the world is on the horizon!

Mohamed Salah and Raheem Sterling could leave the island together next season. Apparently, the Spanish giant is more than interested in bringing them over!

The Liverpool footballer is currently blocking negotiations with the current team about a new contract.

The fans are angry and say that his wish is to leave the club, which apparently is not far from the truth. Salah is the target of Barcelona, which promised him that they would buy him next year and wait.

As the Catalans signed contracts with new sponsors, Moa’s wish is also a wing of the City.

Sterling has not been in Guardiola’s plans for some time and does not enjoy the trust he had until just two years ago when he was a standard and one of the best players.

The player himself stated that he would like to try out outside the Premier League, and is there a better team than Barcelona to achieve such intentions?

So far, everyone knows that Lewandowski is the first target of the Catalans in this transitional period. If Barça managed to bring in Lev, Salah and Sterling, they would probably have the best attacking trio in the world.

Do you think Barcelona can buy this trio?

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