Wayne Rooney: I would leave Ronaldo in the stands

The legendary striker of Manchester United, Wayne Rooney, put together his ideal team for the World Cup and pointed out that he would leave Cristiano Ronaldo in the stands.

Rooney was a guest on Indian television when he was asked who he would include in the attack of an imaginary team that he would get the chance to lead at the World Cup.

‘Uh, very difficult question. Messi would be my starter, Harry Kane on the bench, and Cristiano Ronaldo in the stands. He’s not playing for his club, so it’s completely normal,’ Rooney revealed.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney used to play together for the Red Devils. Together they won the 3rd title in the domestic championship, the Premier League, as well as the title in the Champions League.

In a recent interview he gave to Piers Morgan, Cristiano lashed out at his current club, and also referred to his former teammate, Wayne Rooney.

“I don’t know why Rooney keeps criticizing me. Probably because he finished his career, and I’m still playing at a very high level. And maybe it’s because I look much better than him, I really don’t know,’ said Ronaldo.

Wayne Rooney answered him at the first opportunity.

“He is a fantastic footballer. Next to Messi, he is probably the greatest of all time. What I said about him is not a criticism, we all get old and Ronaldo has a hard time dealing with it. He gave a very strange interview and he knew very well what reactions his words would cause. In any case, I’m sure that Manchester United will know how to respond adequately to his insults,’ said Wayne Rooney.

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