RONALDO BREAKS THE SILENCE: External forces cannot break us!

Cristiano Ronaldo, the captain of Portugal, was under attack from the media after the match with Switzerland where he was characterized as a problem in the dressing room of this selection!

The football world was surprised by Santos’s decision to leave the biggest star on the bench for the round of 16 match.

However, this move paid off and brought a more than the convincing result, considering that Switzerland was defeated with a score of 6:1!

Ronaldo’s replacement in this match, Benfica striker, Ramos performed excellently and scored the first hat-trick at the World Cup, which, according to foreign media, significantly shook the captain’s status in the team.

Ronaldo did not look overly enthusiastic after the victory over the Swiss, so he only briefly greeted the fans and was among the first to go to the dressing room.

This was an additional trigger for the media, but now one of the best players of all time has decided to stop the rumours.

A group so strong that it cannot be broken by external forces. A nation so brave that it does not allow itself to be intimidated by anyone. A team in the true sense of the word that will fight for their dream to the end. Believe in us! Forward Portugal – announced Ronaldo on Twitter.

Do you think that this move by Ronaldo is for the sake of a better public image or does he really mean this?

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