POTTER CONTINUES WITH COMPLAINTS - I have the hardest job in the world

Chelsea manager Graham Potter was emotional at the press conference after two defeats against Manchester City, one in the Premier League and the other in the FA Cup.

His team lost in the Premier League 1:0, and two days later they suffered a 4:0 debacle in the FA Cup. Chelsea has been struggling lately and is currently in 10th place in the table with 25 points, they have even 19 less than the leading Arsenal.

“People, I took the hardest job in football. I know we have only one triumph in the last 10 games and this is a huge challenge for everyone in the club,’ said Potter, and then added:

“We have to come together and show that we are strong. I understand from the very start where I came from and this is very difficult, but at the same time challenging. This is probably the most difficult job in football at the moment because everyone sees Chelsea at the very top and they have huge expectations,’ said Potter.

Fans of the Blues from Stamford Bridge are increasingly calling out the name of Tomas Tuchel, the manager who was fired before the arrival of Graham Potter.

“I have immense respect for the man, after all, he is the one who brought the Champions League trophy here,” said Potter.

On Thursday, Chelsea will face Fulham in the remaining match of the seventh round of the Premier League.

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