Pablo Mari has spoken out after he was attacked with a knife in a mall

Arsenal footballer, on loan in Monza, twenty-nine-year-old Pablo Mari, spoke out after being the victim of a knife attack in a shopping center near Milan.

The Spanish stopper was one of four victims of an attack by a 46-year-old attacker in a shopping center in Asagu, near Milan.

In the end, the police managed to overpower the attacker and arrest him, and the motive for the attack is unknown. Pablo Mari spoke after the attack and said that he was very lucky.

“Right before the attack, I was walking through the center pushing a stroller with my child in it. Then suddenly I felt a severe pain in my back, as if I had a spasm. I was still lucky, because I saw the man in front of me die, stabbed in the neck. I’m fine, I’ll be back on the field on Monday,’ said Mari.

His clubs, Arsenal and Monca, gave him a message of support through social media.

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