MFA Executive to re-examine Mosta vs Sirens protest over administrative flaws

by Chris Francalanza

The Malta Football Association (MFA) has found itself entangled once more in a web of controversy potentially compromising the integrity of the Maltese Premier League. The Times of Malta has reported a seismic development, revealing an unprecedented move by the MFA executive, indicating that the Protest Board will re-examine a complaint filed by Mosta FC against the result of their Premier League clash against Sirens.

The Times of Malta’s investigation further highlighted that the initial ruling was marred with administrative flaws, prompting the need for a thorough re-examination. This revelation raises serious concerns about the competence and credibility of the decision-making process within the MFA, leaving stakeholders and football enthusiasts questioning the competence of the organization.

What adds fuel to the fire is the announcement from the Executive Committee that, following an internal investigation opened last Friday, both Sirens and Mosta will have to reappear in front of the Protest Board. The Committee revealed that the initial ruling was based on false evidence, necessitating a comprehensive re-examination of the case. The gravity of such an accusation cannot be understated, and it raises crucial questions about accountability within the MFA.

The central question that looms large is: Does this open the floodgates for potential protests in the future? If a protest against a match result can be overruled and re-examined due to administrative flaws and false evidence, what implications does this have for the validity of other match outcomes? One must also ask are we looking at the possibility that every point earned by Sirens FC after the 1st of February might be contested? The potential compromise of the Maltese Premier League is a haunting prospect for football enthusiasts, sponsors, and the reputation of Maltese football on a broader scale.

In light of these developments, attention is inevitably turning towards the General Secretary of the MFA Angelo Chetcuti. The call for accountability grows louder, with stakeholders demanding that the General Secretary take responsibility for the administrative lapses and false evidence that led to the need for a re-examination. The question now is whether the General Secretary will step up and acknowledge his role in this controversy.

In a previous article, concerns were raised about the General Secretary’s actions and now, with the MFA facing a crisis of credibility, the stakes are higher than ever. The call for the General Secretary’s resignation or dismissal is gaining momentum. However, well-connected sources, choosing to remain anonymous, suggest that the President of the MFA may face obstacles in taking decisive action. Rumors circulate that dismissing the General Secretary might entail a substantial financial settlement, complicating the situation for President Bjorn Vassallo.

As the crisis unfolds, the football community in Malta anxiously awaits clarity and resolution. The spotlight is firmly on the Protest Board’s re-examination, the internal investigation, and, most importantly, the actions or lack thereof of the General Secretary. The potential repercussions for the Maltese Premier League’s reputation and the broader implications for Maltese football underscore the urgency for a swift and transparent resolution to this unprecedented saga. The fate of the General Secretary hangs in the balance, and only time will reveal whether this controversy will indeed be the last nail in his coffin.

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