Jorginho ADMITTED: The World Cup in Qatar was hard for me, I didn't watch the games

Jorginho – Chelsea football player and Italian national team member, admitted that the World Cup in Qatar was difficult for him and that he did not follow the World Cup matches much.

The Italian national team did not play in the second consecutive World Championship.

“It was very difficult, especially at the beginning. I didn’t watch the games, it was really hard for me. I hung out with my family. “I only watched a few matches when my friends were playing, but I didn’t even know the exact start time, so I didn’t watch the entire matches,” said Jorginho.

The Chelsea player stated that the end of the World Cup caught his attention.

“Only a few games at the end caught my attention”, admitted the Italian representative.

The Argentine national team won the championship in Qatar, which defeated France in the final after a better penalty shootout.

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