Isco revealed why he left Sevilla: The sporting director attacked me

Before coming to Sevilla, Isco was a long-term member of Real Madrid and the Spanish national team. Therefore, the expectations in the new club were high, but…

The attacking midfielder arrived at Sevilla last year as a major signing.

However, in the middle of the season, he decided to leave the club for unknown reasons. He had not spoken until now, but he finally decided to break the silence.

“I hid from journalists and everything at one point, there were a lot of untruths that hit me hard. I was on edge many times, but I didn’t want to be drawn into any speculation. There were also my mistakes, but I weighed well. The isolation pleased me and it’s time to say some things, to get rid of the burden I’m carrying”, Isko began the interview for “Marka”.

He cites his relationship with Monchi, the club’s sports director, as the main reason for parting with Sevilla.

“Lopetegui loved me as a player and I thought that going to Seville was the best step for me, but then he got fired and Sampaoli arrived. Strange things started happening in the club, they were trying to get rid of me. When I found out what he was planning, I went to Monchi and asked him to be honest,” says Isco and adds:

“He called me and my manager every day and harassed us, and when I told him he was being dishonest, there was a physical confrontation. I told him he was the worst person I had ever met in football and he attacked me afterwards. He grabbed me by the door and the showdown began. After that scene, I didn’t want to hear about Seville. “I couldn’t play for a club whose sports director physically attacks me,” revealed Isco.

Let’s remind you that Isco has been close to Union Berlin since leaving Sevilla, but the mentioned transfer fell through and he is currently without an engagement.

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