Dejan Stankovic: The details were decided, we had everything in our hands

The head of the professional staff of Red Star, Dejan Stankovic, was extremely sad after being eliminated from Israel’s Maccabi in the playoffs for the Champions League.

Red Star had everything in their hands in front of a full Marakana, but Pavkov’s own goal in the 90th minute left them without the elite.

“It’s hard to talk and analyze, everyone had a hard time. Until that unfortunate goal in the last seconds of the first half, it went as we imagined, but football is unpredictable. We have all made mistakes, it is wrong and difficult for all of us. I would like to thank the fans who did not give up until the last moment. The details decide who goes on, this time it was Makabi. It remains for us to fight in the championship and play in the Europa League, which is not a small competition, but the regret remains,” Stankovic said, then added:

“Life goes on, football will be played. As a star player, it’s hard and wrong for me, but we have to be strong because we have many more games ahead of us. There will be regret because we had everything in our hands”.

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