CONTE'S WHINING: That is not normal!

Antonio Conte is known as a man who, wherever he worked, always cried to the club management to bring him reinforcements, so Tottenham is no exception.

From the moment when the temperamental Italian sat on the bench of Tottenham, the January transfer window was his first and already – he is not satisfied!

However, Conte expressed greater dissatisfaction with the fact that he got rid of as many as four (overpaid) football players who left the club.

He is, of course, referring to Tanguy Ndombele, who continues the season on loan in Lyon, then Brian Hill, who will play in Valencia until June, then Giovanni Lo Celso (Valencia) and Dele Ali, who was sold to Everton.

– These are important players, who we paid a lot for. It is not normal to lose four players in January! We agreed with the players and the club, but the fact that this happened means that we did something wrong in the past – said, Conte.

When we take a look, we come to the fact that Tottenham set aside 60,000,000 euros for Ndombele, Hill cost 25,000,000 euros plus Eric Lamela, Lo Celso was paid 32,000,000 to Betis, while Ali was brought from MK Dons for 6,600,000 euros.

All in all, Tottenham has thrown over 100,000,000 euros on players he doesn’t need at all! And Conte draws special attention to that.

– You usually run out of players after a year or three. That is why we have to take into account when we will enter the market and which players we will sign. That is crucial if we really want to strengthen the team, not weaken it.

Conte admits that Tottenham is far from the top of the Premier League! (PHOTO: Guliver images)

As the temperamental Italian himself says, the competition in the Premier League is currently far ahead of his team.

– I’m here to help the team progress. In the past, I have managed to tailor good structures and teams. We have to do that here as well, and it will be very important that we do not make mistakes in the future. At the moment, for that reason, a large number of teams are ahead of us – concluded Conte.

He got Conte Dejan Kulusevski and Rodrigo Bentancur during the January transfer window, but the impression is that the two of them are too few to attack the very top of the Premier League.

We can imagine how much the club’s management and president Daniel Levi will be crying when the summer transfer window comes…

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