FOGNINI CLAIMS: Rafa won the Australian Open and Novak is now boiling blood!

Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer are looking back at Rafael Nadal after the Spanish celebrated at the US Open and thus won his 21st Grand Slam (Djokovic and Federer have 20 each).

He defeated Russian tennis player Danilo Medvedev in the final of the tournament in Australia, and he tied his hands to Djokovic’s whole fiasco with the authorities in Australia.

Djokovic congratulated Nadal on her victory on social media, but Italian tennis player and Novak’s friend Fabio Fognini claimed in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport that Novak was boiling with blood in his veins after Rafa’s victory.

– As far as I know Novak, his veins are boiling now. On the one hand, he will be satisfied, because these are the things that motivate him. He must have thought – great, you won, see you in Paris. Novak is very competitive, he has shown that in the past years. However, Rafa, if he wants, can win 22 in Paris. They are a unique phenomenon in the history of tennis – said Fognini and then shared a few more thoughts with Italian journalists:

– Rafa never gives up, it is not enough just to beat him, you have to exhaust him. He thus consumes you on the field, physically and mentally. I am proud to have received it in Monte Carlo as well. Only Djokovic and Federer are able to stop that competitive fire.

The Italian, however, has a favorite among the big three.

– I would not like to offend Rafa or Novak, but I was born and I will remain a “Federer fan”. If I had to buy a ticket and choose when to watch, then I would buy it because of Roger – Fognini admitted.

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