NBA: The most watched playoffs in the last 5 years

The NBA League has released information that says a lot about the league’s popularity in the United States.

Year after year, the number of spectators of the strongest basketball league around the world grows, and the new data can only encourage the best and most successful basketball organization in the world. The recently concluded playoffs were the most watched in the last five years.

An average of 5.47 million people watched the playoff matches from start to finish on TV stations ABC, ESPN and TNT.

Since the beginning of May, the matches of the strongest league in the world have been highly rated among other TV content across America, they were in a high ninth place of the ten most watched programs that were shown since May 15.

Among the population under 50, the playoffs were in the top 20 most watched content during the playoffs.

The NBA final itself was a special story and the series between Denver and Miami attracted as many as 11.64 million people on average, of which 10.38 were the final fifth duel and the championship celebration of Jokic and company, which is 1% more than the fifth match of the final last season.

The playoff generated eight billion views across various social platforms, which is the highest number of views recorded in the history of the competition. On Twitter, the NBA brand was the most read platform.

An unreal 540 million entries on the term ‘Nikola Jokic’ were recorded during the final series and after the final, which took him to the top of the popularity of all athletes in the world in May, from the 18th position he was in before the start of the final series.

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