CRAZY NBA NIGHT: Bogdanovic needed someone's help, but Morant "turned off' Curry! (VIDEO)

Another exciting NBA night is behind us, and the main topics are Bogdan Bogdanovic, Ja Morant, and Luka Doncic.

So let’s go and check one by one. Atlanta and Bogdanovic were a bit reminiscent of Denver and Nikola Jokic, since the Serbian ace played a solid game, but that was not enough for the win, Washington celebrated 122: 111 (33:32, 31:23, 36:31, 22: 25).

Bogdanovic was the starter in the Hawks team this time as well, and the match ended with 14 points, with a shot from the game 6/11. He also recorded six rebounds, four assists, and one stolen ball, but that was not enough for the triumph.

Outstanding were John Collins with 28 points and Cam Reddish who scored 20. The best in the winning team was Bradley Beal who scored 27 points.

Atlanta lagged at first, but in the last part of the game, they came closer with the result to only five points difference. However, they couldn’t do more than that, especially considering that Trae Young finished the game with just 15 points.

After a great fight and overtime, Memphis managed to defeat Golden State, for which Nemanja Bjelica also played.

Of course, Steph Curry was the most efficient player of the match with 36 points scored, with seven rebounds and eight assists, but it must be admitted that he “failed” when he was most needed by his team.

Nemanja Bjelica scored four points, and Curry was opposed by Ja Morant, who played a great match. In 42 minutes, he scored 30 points, seven rebounds, and four assists and helped the Warriors inflict their first defeat of the season.

The Dallas Mavericks beat the San Antonio Spurs 104-99, and the most efficient was Luka Doncic who scored 25 points, adding five assists and three rebounds.

Boban Marjanovic was not on the winning team. He missed the game due to a back injury. Mari recorded a double-double performance with 23 points and 10 rebounds, and he also missed two triple-double assists.

Philadelphia – Detroit 110: 102
Washington – Atlanta 122: 111
Chicago – New York 103: 104
Houston – Utah 91: 122
Dallas – San Antonio 104: 99
Golden State – Memphis 101: 104

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