The NBA League has announced new awards, and Gobert and Giannis are among them!

The NBA has shared almost all the individual awards this season, but that’s not all. There are still a few left, and today it was the turn of the best defensive teams!

As it usually happens, the two teams with the best defenders have been announced, and it is interesting that there are two debutants in the top five.

Mikal Bridges from Phoenix and Jaren Jackson, a junior from Memphis, who was only one vote (!) better than Bam Adebayo.

The Grizzlies’ winger deservedly got a place in the top five as his team had the best defensive rating in the league, part of the NBA League.

In addition to the two of them in the top five, are the best defender, Marcus Smart (Boston), as well as Rudy Gobert (Utah, for the sixth time in a row) and Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee, for the fourth time in a row), who seem to have subscribed to this award…

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