Kyrie Irving scored an incredible number of points!

Kyrie Irving played an incredible number of points in last night’s match.

Namely, Kyrie Irving finished the match with as many as 50 points, on 75% of his shots from the game, but also 75% of his shots for three points, which no one has ever done.

When we talk about games with 50 points and at least 75% of shots from the game and more than one such game, only two people in the history of the league have:

Kyrie Irving and Michael Jordan.

Everything Kyrie does is pure and honest. Look at him tonight. How easy everything seemed. I raised my head and saw that he already had 10 points, and it seemed to me that he had kicked the basket twice. I just told Seth Curry that Irving is just “cooking” tonight. It was visible in his eyes; he really wanted to play a good match and lead us to victory, which he did. “Young players should watch this and learn. This was perfection,” said Kevin Durant.

Kyrie Irving said

“I felt that this was the night we had to win. I’m not saying that I didn’t feel that way the other days, but now I knew that I had to be in my zone where no one could disturb me, and that was the only way I could reach my goal. “I was less talkative, and I was more focused on what I had to do to win,” Irving explained.

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