THEY ARE TRYING EVERYTHING, BUT IT DOESN'T WORK: 1 Knockout and blood on the towel couldn't stop Jokic! (PHOTO)

Serbian basketball player Nikola Jokic had a small accident during last night’s match in the NBA league.

The current NBA MVP returned to the field after a minor injury and immediately continued with domination.

Nikola filled all the columns for who knows how many times, scoring 11 points, 16 rebounds, and eight assists.

The Dallas Mavericks centers didn’t know how to stop him, so they had to do it physically.

Namely, Dwight Powell hit Nikola Jokic hard in the nose, who then ended up on the floor.

The Serbian ace quickly got up, went to the bench to check the condition of his nose, and then he saw blood on the towel.

Of course, that did not stop MVP to continue the game and thus cause trouble to the direct guards and leading his team to the final victory.

Is it possible to stop the superstar of the Denver Nuggets?

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