11 CLUBS VOTED: Jordi Bertomeu is leaving the Euroleague at the end of the season!

At the meeting, the clubs voted for the departure of the executive director of the Euroleague, reports the Greek portal “Sport24”.

Bertomeu’s term expires on June 30, 2022, and he will leave the position after 22 years. A meeting of 11 clubs, which are the owners of the Euroleague, was held. With today’s vote, it was decided that the mandate of the first man of the elite competition will expire at the end of June. Six clubs were “for”, while five were “against”.

The Spanish clubs Real, Barcelona and Basconia were against the dismissal of Bertomeu, and they were joined by the Turkish teams Anadolu Efes and Fenerbahce. On the other hand, Maccabi, CSKA, Zalgiris, Olympiacos and Olympia from Milan were for his dismissal.

Due to concerns about the financial situation in the Euroleague and the way in which finances were managed by Bertomeu and his associates. At a secret meeting in Athens, representatives of seven clubs (Panathinaikos, Olympiacos, Maccabi, Zalgiris, Efes, CSKA and Olympia) sat down at a table to agree on steps to replace him.

Only a few months later, the clubs decided to remove the Catalan from the position of ECA president, but he remained the executive director of the Euroleague. It was obvious that he was preparing to leave that position as well. As it is speculated, the clubs / shareholders had a meeting with him, but also independently, after which a three-member commission was formed and the search for a new executive director was launched.

Bertomeu has held high positions in Spanish basketball since 1982 and was there until 2000, after which he founded the Euroleague company with a group of associates, which caused a huge disruption in European club basketball. However, the shareholders have ruled and he is leaving the Euroleague, but he will remain in one of the lower positions.

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