ITOUDIS SHORTEN THE LIST: It is known who is attacking Serbia - one Antetokunmpo has fallen, but Greece is very strong!

The coach of Greece, Dimitris Itoudis, has shortened the list of basketball players he is counting on for the upcoming challenges.

The start of the second round of World Cup qualifiers awaits the Greeks (August 25 against Serbia in Belgrade, August 28 against Belgium at home), as well as Eurobasket.

Dimitris Itoudis shortened the list to 16 basketball players, and also wrote off one of the Antetokunmpo brothers, Alex, then Mantzoukas, Necipoglu, Tanulis, Campus, Cukaz, Kuzelogau, and Moraitias from the original list.

The composition now looks like this:

Dimitris Agravinas, Giannis Antetokunmpo, Kostas Antetokunmpo, Thanasis Antetokunmpo, Lefteris Boherides, Nick Kalates, Tyler Dorsey, Kostis Gontikas, Panayiotis Kaliatsikis, Leonidas Kaselakis, Gianulis Larentsakis, Michalis Luntsis, Giorgos Papagiannis, Kostas Papanikolaou, Yannis Papapetrou and Kostas Slukas.

Greece really looks powerful and there is no doubt that a spectacle awaits us in the Belgrade Arena.

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