Beppe Grillo sets multiple National records and rarns bronze at Balkan Championships

At the age of 20, Beppe Grillo shattered the 100m National Record at the 77th Balkan National Championships in Izmir, Turkey.

His time of 10.47sec not only improved his personal best by 0.10sec, but also surpassed the U23 National Record set by Darren Gilford 21 years ago and the Senior National Record set by Kevin Moore in 2014.

This impressive performance earned Beppe a spot in the final, which took place 2 hours later. Despite starting from lane 8, Beppe sprinted his way to a third place finish, securing a spot on the podium at the prestigious games. The race was won by Turkish athlete Kayhan Ozer with a time of 10.17, while Beppe set another U23 and Senior National Record with a time of 10.23sec (0.9wind).

Later on, Beppe joined forces with Luke Bezzina, Graham Pellegrini, and Jacob Elaida to set a new 4by100m National Record with a time of 40.57sec, earning them a bronze medal. Beppe’s impressive time of 10.47sec ranks him 5th in U23 in Europe and 29th overall in Europe. Beppe is coached by former sprinter Steve Camilleri, who retired from sprinting to focus on training some of Malta’s top athletes.

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