WHAT'S HAPPENING IN PSG? Leonardo resentful of the media!

PSG is not playing at the expected level this season, and the review of the provided games was given by the sports director of Paris, Leonardo!

When you bring players like Messi, Ramos, Vajnaldum, Donaruma and you have Mbape, Neymar and Di Maria in the team, you are expected to have beautiful and attractive football.

PSG is not really playing at the expected level, although it is in the first place in League 1, as well as in the first place of the group in the Champions League.

Leo Messi has been unrecognizable since coming to the “Princes’ Park”, and the reasons for the weaker games were given by the club’s sports director, who is furious at the pressure from the media.

– It is normal that we are still making progress. The team has undergone great changes this summer, we are not yet at the level we want to be at, but we will be soon. I don’t like how lightly they condemn us, the way they write about us and criticize us. The media have been exaggerating since the beginning of the season. We have a 10-point advantage in the championship, we are first in the group in the Champions League, we may not play the way we would like, but we are on the right path. We never lack commitment and struggle. We turn things around in our favor, we recorded four victories in the 90th minute. We can’t just talk about Messi and Ramos, we knew he had an injury problem. You are playing a game of the Spanish media, we know everything – said Leonardo.

As he further states, Messi has teamed good yet due to his national team obligations.

– Messi spent more time with the national team than with us. Neymar too. But both he and Di Maria played great tonight. Neymar is too often the target of critics, unjustifiably. If he went to the night party every day, he would not be able to play like this – he concluded.

How do you comment on this statement by Leonard?

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