The tennis portal revealed Novak Djokovic's secret, which had been hidden for years

Novak Djokovic, the best Serbian tennis player, as well as the world’s best, although the ATP does not show it, once again showed that he is the greatest when, after a break of almost three months, he stepped on the court again and won two tournaments in a row for the Russians.

Now the question arises, how does Novak achieve that result after all?

One specialized portal “Tennis Connected” wrote an article entitled – Djokovic knows what no one knows! and tried to explain the secret of success.

-” The Serb started using analytics and statistics long before his opponents. He received analysis from Craig O’Chenessy for three years, and now uses tennis analytics from the company ‘Gotta Tennis’ founded by Gordon Ehling and Brett Hobden.” – it says on the portal.

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