DOUBLE STANDARDS IN THE TENNIS WORLD AGAIN: What if someone else hit the ball boy? (VIDEO)

We are sure that you have not forgotten the situation when Novak Djokovic hit the line judge with the ball, and shortly afterward he was disqualified from the US Open.

We are sure that you have not forgotten more such moments, and now we have witnessed a new such case. Only, this time without disqualification.

Young Jenson Brooksby hit the ball collector with a racket in a fit of rage, and that’s all there is to it.

The young American, dissatisfied after one point, threw a racket in anger, which bounced off and hit the ball collector directly in the leg, who did not manage to avoid a strong blow even by jumping.

The boy even managed to take the racket and return it to the tennis player, who apologized to him after all. Still, is an apology enough?

Carlos Bernardes, an arbitrator with credibility, did not consider this situation to disqualify Brooksby. His opponent, Argentine Federico Coria, protested fiercely against Bernardes, who justified his decision by saying that the ball collector was not injured.

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