Rafael Nadal Addresses Allegations Amid Saudi Tennis Federation Deal

Renowned Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal has addressed the allegations of “image washing” associated with his recent contract signing with the Saudi Arabian tennis federation. Nadal, who was expected to serve as their ambassador to bolster their footprint in the sport, has finally spoken out on the matter. Interestingly, Rafa also has his own team at the E1 World Championship.

“I was told that the academy has a huge debt and that got wiped out by the Saudi deal they did,” Cshap pointed out on Instagram.

After which Rafael announced himself publicly and explained his motive for cooperation.

“I don’t think that Saudi Arabia needs me to wash its image.” It is a country that has opened up to the world and has great potential. Hence, it is logical that everyone goes there, but the feeling is that they buy everything with money, so that Rafa also sold himself for money. I understand that people think like that, of course they do,” said Nadal and added:

“Are there things that should be improved today? No doubt. It is the country behind many things, it has recently opened up. If the country does not reach the evolution it needs in the next 10 to 15 years, I will tell you that I was completely wrong. I believe that I will have the freedom to work with the values that I think I should work with and that I believe are right. If that doesn’t happen, I will admit that I made a mistake and that I was wrong,” concluded Rafael.

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