"Nadal would play a match for my life"

Former tennis player Greg Rusedski could not hide his enthusiasm for Rafael Nadal after the Australian Open.

  • “Rafa is a genetic” freak “of nature, and his mental strength is the best in the world. If you were to choose a man to play the match for your life, it would be Nadal. What he did was sensational. All this has a special background, because, let’s not forget that he had a photo on crutches in September. He didn’t put any weight on the foot we’re talking about. ” Greg began.

Nadal reached his 21st Grand Slam title after a turnaround in the final of the Australian Open when he outplayed the second tennis player in the world, Danilo Medvedev.

  • ”At 0:2 and 2:3 for the opponent and 0:40 for him, we think:“ That’s it, the curtain is coming down, there’s no way he’s coming back, ”and Rafa just shows toughness and a desire to fight. Let’s not forget the audience, she was electrified, they supported Nadal so much, they wanted to see how history happens. For me, that is probably the greatest achievement of his career. ” – concluded Greg Rusedski.

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